Matching Coat Hangers

Home 01/01/2021

One year for Christmas I received matching coat hangers and they were by far my favourite gift I received that year. It seems like such a little thing, but they make a huge difference to the space and the aesthetics!

  • Space. When coat hangers match, they are all the same size, height and shape and sit comfortably next to one another. It makes It easier to find what you’re looking for when all the clothes are lined up evenly and nothing is hiding in the back on a smaller coat hanger!

  • Aesthetics. They look amazing. It’s so satisfying to open the door to a calm, organised wardrobe. Once the hangers are looking good, I found that I wanted my clothes to look good too and organised them by style and colour. Once it’s done, it’s hard to revert back to old ways because you know how great it CAN look.

I, personally, prefer velvet coat hangers because they look lovely and clothes don’t slip off them like they can with other types.

While on the topic of coat hangers, I like to put my keyrings round my coat hanger necks. It gives them more of a purpose, rather than them sitting lost in a drawer. It’s also fun to pull out an item on clothing and be able to reminisce over an experience or memory!