Utilising Wall Shelves

Home 11/01/2021


Since moving into our new home, we have put up a couple of wall shelves. The shelves themselves were great for what we needed them for (e.g. decorative plants, ornaments, cleaning products), but we felt that some of them needed that little extra to help us use the space as we wanted. Our solution....hooks.

We had searched all over for shelves with hooks attached, but there just didn't seem to be what we were hoping for out there. We decided to take this upon ourselves to make the shelves we wanted...and the benefit of doing this was that we could choose exactly how many hooks we wanted, knowing what we would be using them for!


We screwed small hooks into the bottom of a nice oak effect wall shelf in the hallway to give us some hanging space for those useful day-to-day things! Things looked messy lying on the shelves, but are tidy, accessible, and practical hung from the hooks.

Utility Room

We did the same for some shelves that we upcycled for our utility room, where we now hang keys, the peg bag, and other useful things!

Utility Room Shelf